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Ing. Helena Kandarova, PhD, ERT

Ing. Helena Kandarova, PhD, ERT
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Titul Ing.
Meno Helena
Priezvisko Kandarova
Titul PhD, ERT
Mobil +421917358567
Telefón +421232607401
Adresa Mlynske Nivy 73
PSČ 82105
Mesto Bratislava
Štát Slovensko

Profilová informácia

Helena Kandarova
Executive Director MatTek IVLSL, Bratislava, Slovakia

Helena's main field of interest is the development of in vitro methods for reduction & replacement of in vivo tests for topical toxicity testing. Throughout her academic and professional career, she has been involved in projects aimed at the evaluation and validation of 3D reconstructed human tissue (RhT) models as replacements for animal tests. In particular, she had been involved in successful validation and pre-validation studies for skin corrosion, skin and eye irritation testing.
Helena is member of SOT, ESTIV, SETOX, EUSAAT, EUROTOX and several other professional platforms and expert panels at the OECD and EU level. She (co)authored 30 publications (>500 cited references) and is a frequent speaker at international meetings and conferences. Helena is also co-founder of the In Vitro Toxicology Division of SETOX and member of the editorial board of Journal Interdisciplinary Toxicology. She serves as scientific reviewer for ATLA, Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, Regulatory Pharmacology and Toxicology. She actively contributes to the dissemination of the information on the alternative methods to animal experiments and to their implementation into toxicology.

Specialties: Topical toxicity testing: skin irritation&skin corrosion, eye irritation&corrosion, phototoxicity; assay development, optimization, validation, strategies and test guidelines development for risk and safety assessments, cosmetic and food chemistry, technical writing, design and management of research projects.

Current positions:
Executive Director - MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories
Senior Scientist - MatTek Corporation

Professional organisations:
Vice-President - SETOX
Board member - ESTIV
Member of Audit Committee - EUSAAT
Member of Communication Committee - EUROTOX
ECOPA Individual Memeber
SOT Full member

National Coordinator of the OECD TG Program - (2011 – 2013)
Research Associate - ZEBET at BfR (2003 – 2006)
Board member - Slovak Society of Cosmetology (2000 – 2004)

Honors and Awards:
EUROTOX 2017 Congress President
Best Overall Abstract Award 2017 - MD and CPS Section of US SOT Colgate-Palmolive In Vitro Toxicology Lecture for Students - US SOT 2014
2007 Linz Congress Poster Award

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