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14. Panónske medzinárodné sympózium o katalýze

Pondelok, 3. september 2018 - Piatok, 7. september 2018

The major topics of the symposium:

  1. Homogeneous catalysis – including catalysis for fine chemicals, organometallic catalytic complexes, regio- and stereoselectivity aspects in catalysis, etc.
  2. Heterogeneous catalysis – including preparation and characterization of the catalysts, applied catalysis, theoretical fundamentals of catalysis, noble metal catalysts, zeolites, etc.
  3. Organocatalysis – including processes when the catalysts operate both through the transient formation of covalent bonds as well as through non-covalent interactions, etc.
  4. Environmental catalysis and photocatalysis – including semiconducting photocatalysts, photoinduced charge separation processes, electrocatalysis, photocatalytic oxidation processes, etc.
  5. Industrial catalytic processes – including catalysis in industrial technologies, large scale operations, petroleum chemistry, polymers production, catalysts for inorganic commodities, operation unit design, process optimization, etc.
  6. Catalysis-related materials, nanostructures and nanotechnologies – including surface science, bottom-up approaches, molecular templating, characterization techniques of the materials, etc.
  7. Biocatalysis – including enzyme catalysis, catalysis in biotechnology, DNA catalysis, etc.
  8. Emerging areas – catalysis over MOFs, ZIFs, graphene, graphene oxide, composite materials, lab-on-chip catalysis, DFT models, electrochemisty – including development of techniques and their applications, research on cultural heritage – including development of techniques and their applications, etc.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the High Tatras in 2018.

Alexander Kaszonyi (chair)
Magdaléna Štolcová (vice-chair)
LOC of the Symposium


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