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Pondelok, 21. máj 2018 - Piatok, 25. máj 2018

V dňoch 21. – 25. mája 2018 sa bude v priestoroch Stavebnej fakulty STU konať konferencia - SUSTAINABLE HOUSING AND HUMAN SETTLEMENT - organizovaná kolegami z Ukrajiny.

Conference Topics:

  • Urban Agenda for Sustainable Development. Environmental city and human settlement as part of the ecosystem. Agrarian and Building Clusters with closed cycle of material and ener- gy flows. Smart city. Eco villages.
  • Architectural, structural and technological systems for green buildings. Ecobuildings with renewable natural materials. Low-rise affordable buildings. Tiny houses. Earth sheltered hous- es. Floating buildings.
  • Renewable energy. Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC). Energy efficient, passive, zero energy (ZEB), active buildings.
  • Building and finishing materials, technologies for green constructions. Renewable natural building materials: wood, hemp, flax, straw, sawdust, reed. Local materials: clay, soil, loam, sandy loam. Materials for 3D printing.
  • Digital in Engineering & Construction. Building Information Modeling. 3D print technology.
  • Economy: Physical, Circular, Green. Life Cycle Cost Analysis. The Costs and Financial Ben- efits of Green Buildings.
  • Basic human needs. Medical and biological aspects of healthy lifestyle. Environmental Sustainability Index.


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Organization committee in Europe:
+421919192120 Marina Babenko

Organization committee in Ukraine:
+380509299955 Olena Koval
+380504879173 Yevhenil Yurchenko